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7 responses to “iphone

  1. Yeah, that’s rather true. Made me chuckle at least.

    Something will go wrong with it, mark my words!

  2. Les

    For me they are a step backwards. I carry my phone in my pocket so the smaller the better. I remember the bad old days of bulky phones that almost pulled ya pants down…….I wont be getting one till there 1/2 the size

  3. Of course, the APPLE Iphone solves all those problems with the touch of a button… but only if you can activate the phone… 🙂
    That will probably be available in the next release 😉

  4. I’d pay whatever it costs, if I didn’t have to hear news stories about spoiled celebrity brats 🙂

  5. Sonja (jackalope) says: If only it could clean my house! npanth has a point – if it can’t be activated it, it can’t do my chores!

    Lyndon – I’m with you on that one.

    Rhys – something has already gone wrong – difficult activation process!

    Les – the smaller the better (at least where phones are concerned! LOL)

  6. I am anti – anything that starts with i.

  7. What, no “Real News” button? Rick asked me last night if I wanted to watch the news and I asked if he knew any channel willing to report the real thing?

    Already the effects of Microsoft and Apple being bedfellows are being felt in their release of a product before it is really ready (and in some cases, incomplete, as in the missing Sim-card)… ah, bedbugs, or is it crabs?

    As someone who is visually challenged (reading glasses), and hate the smaller keys of my laptop, the iPhone size is of concern to me too, I am wondering how it will satisfy either of these requirements. Now that I have an iPod, having been given a Nano and upgrading to an iPod even before it was out of the box because the intent was for my son to be distracted in restaurants and gatherings by his favorite trains and cartoon videos I knew Nano was not big enough (either visually or memory wise), I have to say I was surprised that such a small monitor could bring such visual enjoyment even to me.

    My bigger problem with iPod is their choice to go with AT&T – or as I refer to them, SATAN! This is by far their worst call ever! We had the worst experience on the planet with AT&T and while I would go back to using two dixie cups and string before using their services again, my husband is blinded by his iPhone lust… Satan, get thee back to Hell, I say!

    They do not have a free incomming calling plan – the first thing I noticed, so while it all looks pretty inexpensive at first glance, it would cost us a fortune ultimately. And there is that pesky Satan thing…

    Apple, you’d best stop getting into bed with these sluts, it’s going to ruin your reputation….

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