This is the cutest photo I have ever seen. Meet Charlie, who is owned and loved by Mary who lives in Wisconsin. Charlie is a Canary Wing brotogeris parrot, (like Manu who was featured last week). A thank you to Mary for letting me share this photo with everyone.

It seems to be a characteristic of these birds that they love to snuggle. Of course, individuals are different, but I’ve had two brotos now, and both have been world-class snugglers, always trying to dart under blankets and clothing.

The utter bliss on this little bird’s face puts the lie to anyone who thinks animals don’t have emotions. It is also a wakeup call to people who think that birds just sit on their perches all day and do not interact with people. Nothing could be further from the truth!



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4 responses to “Charlie

  1. Charlie is adorable… he looks so content! He looks like he could stay there forever!

  2. Adorable. There’s nothing sweeter than having the complete trust of a little feathered friend.

  3. The only deceptive thing about your story is that it implies birds are this way with everyone. They tend to bond with one and then tolerate the partner of their mate. Yeah, you may think Bill is your mate Sonja, but really he is your partner and Gobi is your mate.

    That said, we have seen how some birds will let us closer once they realize that their “mate” has been gone long enough to need to be replaced possbily!

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