Cat Declawing Outlawed

Cat declawing is now illegal in West Hollywood. An ordinance against it has been upheld by a state appeals court. Cat declawing was sited as a “cruel and unusual procedure”, and veterinarians in West Hollywood face possible criminal charges if they perform the surgery. West Hollywood is the only jurisdiction in California that has such a law – it’s a very interesting part of town with quite a diversity of extroverted people.

So the Cat Lady is safe there on so many levels.



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3 responses to “Cat Declawing Outlawed

  1. Yay!!!!!!

    That practice is so barbaric!

  2. I had a cat that was declawed before I adopted her. She would try to scratch all the furniture. I think it created some frustration for her that she never got any results from all her effort. I think it’s like a phantom limb syndrome for them. Cats still feel like they have claws, but can’t satisfy the scratching need.

  3. Randi – maybe there’s hope for us humans after all.

    Npanth – I never thought of that…I’ve never had a cat. But it makes sense being that their instinct is to hunt and the claws play an important role in that.

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