Book Meme

As my regular readers know, I just go bonkers over books. Not a day goes by that I don’t log a few chapters. I saw this meme somewhere and of course it appealed to me. Here are some details of my book addiction.

What’s Your Preference??

1. Novel or Novella? I like novels the best because I like to get intertwined in the complex interplay of the situations and character. It’s like visiting another world. Novellas usually present a story then end it quickly. I like the slow burn of wondering what will happen next, and what happened before that that caused the next event, etc.

2. Hardback or paperback? I like the mass market paperbacks (that is, the ones that just about fit in your back pocket). However, I find that the best books come in the more expensive paperback format (the ones that cost $12.oo and up). I read in bed a lot, lying on my side, so I like the smaller paperbacks because they are easier to hold.

3. Male authors or female authors? I don’t have a preference. I do find it fascinating when a man writes a book from a woman character’s point of view, and vice versa.

4. Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction is my favorite, I like the escape. However, lately I find myself reading memoirs also. Right now I’m reading “Rainbow’s End” which is a memoir written by a woman who grew up on a game farm in the former Rhodesia during the war there. True stories can be fascinating; however I find history books boring to the extreme. I also like metaphysical books. Some may consider them fiction (lol) – I do not.

5. Bestseller or obscure title? Both. Although I find a lot of offbeat obscure fiction with a spiritual (NOT religious), metaphysical or “ghostly” bent that don’t make the bestseller lists. I love a story that makes me think about life, regardless of the book’s popularity. I hate romance novels and avoid them at all costs.

6. Local bookstore or chain franchise? We don’t have many mom-and-pop shops left in my area. In fact, off the top of my head I can’t even think of one. This has really put a kink in my personal ambition to own my own bookstore someday – I don’t think the little stores can compete in my local marketing area. I usually find myself at Borders or Barnes and Noble (of which I am also a stockholder!). Lately I have taken advantage of book trading websites where I can get free books in perfect condition, and send others my read books, only incurring the cost of postage. I get wonderful books (bestsellers and obscure titles) from these websites and every single book I’ve ever received looked like it came straight off a bookstore’s shelf. The two sites I like best are and (sorry, for some reason I couldn’t get the links to work, so just cut and paste into your browser).


7. Read the book first or see the movie first? It depends. Usually I read the book first. I like to look up on the web who the actors are and which characters they play so I can have a picture of them in my head as I read. I don’t like going to the movies very much, so the timing of the film is not important; I usually wait for the DVD to come out.

8. How many books do you read in a week? A year? I average 1 to 3 books a week, and my personal best for number of books read in a year is 103. Can’t get enough of that printed stuff!!!

ilustrator unknown

I’m not tagging anybody today. Anyone who wants to play, please do! I’d be interested in hearing about your reading preferences!



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5 responses to “Book Meme

  1. I miss reading, just can never seem to make the time for it anymore. Most of my reading lately, comes in the form of blogs 🙂

  2. Time for blogging is in seriously short supply lately, but it looks like a fun meme. I’ll try to get around to doing it sometime soon.

  3. I used to read a lot and always preferred True Crime stories but I haven’t found time to read in a long time. I do have moments where I think I should sit down & read a good book but never get around to it.

    I’m impressed how many books you read and still have time to keep your blog current!

  4. 1 to 3 a week? Crazy!!!

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