More Alternative Homes

When I was a kid, I liked nothing better than to climb up a big tree, find a comfy perch, and sit and listen to the birds. I lived in a fairly wooded area in New York and my next door neighbors actually had a small forest in their backyard. There was something about being safely up above everyone else, sharing space with creatures of the air and listening to the leaves rustle – seeing the patterns sunlight made as it shone on and through the leaves. My best friend and I (see my earlier post “Old Friends”) built and played in many a treehouse. I still dream about having one today, although the trees and palm trees in my California backyard are not amenable to a treehouse!

So when I saw these photos on a website, I was so excited, I had to share them with you. Can you imagine living in a home like this high above the ground? I think about how I would decorate such a home inside…then I think perhaps no decoration is needed, the sheer atmosphere of such a home would be enough. The only dilemma would be how to rig up a toilet system. I guess since gravity is on your side, you could just hook up some kind of pipe system that goes to a septic tank underground.

The treehomes below were designed by Dustin Felder; he calls them “O2 Sustainability Treehouses”. These designs do not harm the tree. All the materials are entirely recycled. They are made of translucent 1/16″ triangulated polypropylene panels, some of which open up to provide air circulation.

This last treehouse reminds me of a toy one of my birds has. It’s a small coconut with a hole in it and a small perch so he can get inside. I can’t remember where I found this photo so whoever the architect and photographer are, kudos to you. This one looks like it might be warmer than the treehouse above, but I suppose those with claustrophobia need not apply!



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6 responses to “More Alternative Homes

  1. Neat idea! That’s fun and interesting. It would certainly require a lifestyle change to live up there.

  2. those are really cool looking. Not really for a guy like me who is afraid of heights, but cool.

  3. seb

    That’s so cool, maybe someday humans will create cities in forests like this, 100% sustainable and eco-friendly?!

    There is one problem with living in trees. Killer squirrels.

  4. I really like the geodesic treehouses. the pictures are great, too. I’d love to have one in my yard, but I don’t think I’d like to live there 🙂

  5. They look very cool, although I don’t think I could manage it.

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