Wordless Wednesday

(photographer unknown)



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8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Haaaaaaaa! Somebody stayed up too late surfing.

  2. LOL! Love the keyboard imprint! Now you really have to be tired to sleep on a keyboard. Poor guy!

  3. Funny… Looks like he’s been asleep for a while judging by the keyboard imprint on his face. He must really be tired to be able to sleep in that position!

    BTW I do think the Soprano’s ended in that fashion to keep the door open for a movie or something… but when I think about that ending I still get aggravated.

  4. I just had to laugh – it’s a very great capture

  5. Have happily never done this.

  6. seb

    Looks comfortable.

  7. Shaymus

    mmmmmmm bumpy pillow

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