Rip Off

Am I the only one who feels gypped after last night’s “Sopranos” finale??

The “going dark” technique they used to close out the last scene made us think that our DVR had a glitch in it; we were about to record it again tonight when we read on the net that a lot of others thought that too!

Tension started building near the end when the family is gathering together at a restaurant. A suspicious fellow sits at the bar eyeing them up. Will it be a mass “whacking”? I expected some kind of exciting, closure-filled ending, but what did we get – a setup for some future “Sopranos – The Movie”. What a waste of time. Can I get that one hour of my life back???



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8 responses to “Rip Off

  1. ha ha ha ha… 😛

  2. Shaymus

    I have never seen it. Is George Kostanza in it? It must be funny?

  3. I’m sorry the finale didn’t live up to the hype. I haven’t had HBO for the last couple years, so I haven’t been keeping up with the series. I hope you find a worthy replacement

  4. seb

    I’ve never seen the show, but everyone is talking about it! Sounds like a lot of people are happy at the lack of closure…

  5. Exactly… what a waste of time! I loved the Sopranos & they just cheated us at the end!

  6. Never seen it, but I know a lot of people are pissed!

  7. Naresh – yeah, the joke’s on me.

    Shaymus – No, this show is the direct opposite of funny. It’s about the mafia and the guy in charge of a New Jersey family group. It’s a very violent program, something I don’t usually enjoy.

    Npanth – Yeah, there are tons of good shows coming up. One we really look forward to this time of year is “Rescue Me” on fx network. Denis Leary stars as a fireman and it’s a dramedy.

    Seb – count yourself lucky that you didn’t waste any time watching it.

    Sharon – didn’t you get the feeling they were setting up for a movie treatment??? At least now we know that Meadow can’t parallel park.

    Manuel – pissed is the right word for it.

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