The Ultimate Recycle

I was watching one of my favorite programs on the Sundance Channel the other day called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet”. It deals with new and old ideas for conserving and producing energy and resources. This most recent program dealt with a fantastic recycling idea in the architectural field.

Francie Rehwald, a 60-year-old retiree and Mercedes Benz dealership heiress, decided she wanted to build a home in Victorville, California. She requested that the home be curvy (with feminine lines), and it had to be environmentally friendly. She enlisted the help of architect David Hertz of Santa Monica. He came up with the idea of using a scrapped Boeing 747-200 jet; according to Hertz a scrapped jet could be purchased for merely the value of the aluminum used in the plane’s construction – which is approximately $30,000. In his plan, the wings would be used as a roof and the ailerons would control the shade on the deck. The nose would be reborn as a meditation temple. Some of the remaining scrap would be turned into shelters for barn animals. The cost of the project would be approximately $2 million (hey – she’s an heiress – no problem).

Since the completed project would look from the air like scattered pieces of a plane (which in essence is what it is!), the FAA has asked that “special numbers” be painted on the wings to let pilots flying overhead know that the site is not a crash site.

Below is the architect’s rendering of the finished project.

photo: BBC News



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14 responses to “The Ultimate Recycle

  1. kat

    What a great idea! I love the look of it!!

  2. seb

    I remember hearing about this, such a cool project. Wish I had a couple million bucks lying around…

  3. I love it, but have to say, I have not seen too many women with such angular curves (at least not the ones nature gave them)… But it really is cool – now if they can just come up with some cheaper Knock-offs…

  4. Now I’m wondering if it got built and if not if it’s going to be. Do you have more details?

    I’ve heard of living in converted buses but not planes.

    I’m new here – Hi!~

  5. beinghannah

    Hi thats really interesting, i like Architecture,especially the recycleable bit.

  6. vaani

    i have bin reading ur posts but never commented as i didnt have my own blog…but this one concerns me more…. i m an architect by profession…have just passed out n this is really an interesting idea…i m working on housing for poor n cost reduction so that even innovative projects be made cheaper,,,,i m dk’s skool fren

    i have the same opinion as u about spirituality…that i m a soul, my body a mere transport,,,,wud love discuss wid u more about this in future,,,,
    take care

  7. How interesting & what a very creative architect.

    Wish I were an heiress.

  8. Sonja (jackalope) says:
    Don’t we all wish we had a few million lying around to pioneer new ideas like this!!

    Ruby, this project is already under construction, I saw some of the progress on TV. Will it get finished? I hope so! Hopefully this will spur others on to recycle like this; eventually homes like this may be affordable to the regular folk.

  9. What a fantastic project – the more we can reuse and recycle and not WASTE – the better.

  10. Welcome vanni, beinghannah, and Ruby. Thanks for visiting!!

  11. That idea is just as cool as the reconditioned missile silo homes they have in Wyoming. Nice!

  12. Michael

    You may be interested to have a look at my guru’s web site. (Louix Dor Dempriey). He lives in Laguna Beach.

    I have been a disciple of His since Feb 2002.

    I have experienced amazing changes within myself, and constantly have amazing experiences all the time.

  13. npanth – Silo homes? Or as they say “life-in-the-round!

    Michael – Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t follow gurus. I am uncomfortable with those who claim to have some special insight into God that no one else has. I feel God is in all of us and that we don’t need gurus to communicate with him. Following a guru is too much like organized religion for me. But thanks anyway! God bless you and much love to you.

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