Gobi’s Birthday (er – Hatchday)

Gobi had his first birthday hatchday on Friday. We can’t believe he’s already one year old, we got him when he was weaned at 2 months of age (see older post “Gobi is Here”). Here is a picture of him and his clutchmate Abner as tiny babies. Gobi is the one top.

photo by Kathleen Batey

And below is the latest photo of Gobi that I took last week, doing his favorite thing: eating.



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11 responses to “Gobi’s Birthday (er – Hatchday)

  1. Les

    I’ve been moving your page up and down…Harley has been attacking Gobi…..LOL

  2. He’s so adorable!
    BTW… we just got a beautiful bird ourselves… I think it’s an Eastern Rosella. He’s young and we’re spending a lot of time trying to train him. But he’s cute and we love him 🙂

  3. Sonja (jackalope) says:

    Les – Harley wouldn’t stand a chance against Gobi in person…tee hee.

    Kim H – congrats on your new birdie. Rosellas are very colorful. Did you get him/her from a breeder?

    Icedmocha – Yes, and he knows it!

  4. Happy Birthday Gobi!

  5. Amazing, and totally adorable.

  6. Well… you have to remember that we live in Albania… unfortunately I had to buy him from a hole in the wall that calls itself a petshop. Luckily he’s coming out of his shell this week now that I moved his cage to my desk. While I’m working I keep one hand quietly in the cage. At least he’s stopped yelling at it!

  7. seb

    Gobi looks very happy. Probably because he is eating. What a cute little creature. I need a parrot!

  8. Happy Birthday, Gobi. Wow, a year already? Gobi looks great

  9. Happy Belated Hatchday Gobi! You’re very cute!

    Thanks for leaving the link for “Gobi’s Is Here” the photos were great.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday to Gobi

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