A Day with an Artist

My friend Shirley is an artist (you may remember her from one of my earlier posts called “My Amazing Friend”) . Shirley innovated new materials and techniques inspired by an ancient art form to create paintings she calls “Articulators”. She calls them Articulators because the canvas is “articulated” – it has regular fan-like folds in it which allow her to paint one scene on one side of the fold, and another on the other side. As a result, when you look at the picture from the left you see one scene; as you move to the right of the picture it dissolves into a different scene.

One of my very favorite of Shirley’s Articulators is called “The Attainable Dream”, it depicts a caveman pondering the moon from his cave opening (when viewed from the left) and when you move to the right, the caveman dissolves into an astronaut standing on the moon pondering the Earth. Fantastic!

Below are some photos of one of the Articulator which is on display at the Wells Fargo Bank in Laguna Beach. The bank is hosting an art exhibit at the moment, so Shirley and I went down there to visit her painting. It has been owned for many years by a friend of hers who now needs to sell it to get his estate in order. I decided to commemorate the visit digitally, but the painting is so much more glorious in person. I had some difficulty with the harsh lighting and plexiglas reflections on the painting, but I did my best. Shirley, the artist, poses with her work.

painting viewed from the right

painting viewed from the left

Here are some words from Shirley about her art:

Pioneering a whole new development of this ancient art form included several inventions, which my dear husband and I worked on together. This was one of the most exciting and rewarding challenges of my life, and I love sharing it whenever possible.





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4 responses to “A Day with an Artist

  1. Wow, what a wonderful idea! That is really beautiful artwork. Thank you for the article.

    And I love your birdie photos. I love birds and have an African Grey, Jasmine, who you can see in my blog DweezelJazz. They’re so full of the joy of just being alive. As you say, once you get used to living with birds, you can’t be without them!

  2. Very cool! How many of these has she done?

  3. Dweezeljazz – Thanks for checking out my blog! I see you are an artist too! And you have an African Gray – this is a bird I would like to have one day.

    Tobeme – Shirley has painted about 200 different Articulators in her career. They are extremely time-consuming to create.

  4. Love your birds and your site!!!

    Shirley emailed me your link re her art.

    Thank you,

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