Eyes in the Garden

Nature watching…me.



Filed under Humor, Musings

7 responses to “Eyes in the Garden

  1. Great picture – bet they have a great view!

  2. Well spotted. You have a good ‘eye’ for a clever photo.

  3. Ah, the famous cyclops tree!

  4. seb

    Nature? Or could be it be oh so nefarious, ever watchful Santa Claus? He’s got hidden cameras all over the place, and he really does whatever he wants, there is no congressional oversight on his activities… I guess he’s kinda like Bush in that sense…

  5. Um, I think that is Bush…
    Patriot act my tree eye!

  6. This tree “looks” right into my bedroom. That’s why it’s got “wood”…tee hee!

  7. I ran into one of those trees down at sonnenberg gardens, cool 😉

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