According to The Week, a tally by three University of Indiana scholars revealed that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s daily commentaries contained an average of 8.88 instances of name-calling per minute, or one insult every 6.8 seconds.

What a great communicator, eh? Isn’t there a quote somewhere about weak intellects resorting to insults because they are unable to communicate ideas otherwise?

photo by Starpulse

Which one would you rather talk to?



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5 responses to “O’Really?

  1. Shaymus

    I’ve got know idea who they are but if I ever see them on the street I’m going to take them out with a picket

  2. I think the caption should be “Oh Reilly… No!”
    if by “weak intellects” you mean illiterate…
    But no, that would be an insult to illiterate people everywhere…
    I would definitely prefer talking to Jon Stewart, it would actually be an interesting conversation, rather than listening to O’Reilly’s monologue of narrow minded, half-witted, ill-conceived perceptions and slanderous insults about things he clearly has not taken the time to investigate (at least not with an open mind).

  3. No contest. I’d love to sit down and talk with Stewart. O’Reilly…no thanks!

  4. I thought I was the only one that name called that often!

  5. seb

    Not surprising. I watched his show in the past, mostly when I needed a good laugh, that guy is so ridiculous…

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