Along the Autobahn

My cousin Uwe moved here from Germany about 20 years ago. I remember at the time he was complaining a lot about the speed limit on California freeways at the time, which was 55 mph (it went up to 65 mph several years ago). He was used to driving at unbridled speed on the German Autobahn.

I was reminded of this when my father recently sent me this in an email. The humor is dry, it’s not really funny – but definitely ironic.

Along the autobahn

Advantages of driving in Germany:

1) Cars are in much better condition because of tough inspections
2) Licenses are much harder to get, with much better driver training
3) The autobahn speed limit is “whatever’s safe” up to 155 mph

Disadvantages of driving in Germany:

1) When you fly off the road at 120+ mph, you find out why oak was once used as armor on ships.



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7 responses to “Along the Autobahn

  1. seb

    I heard they might lower the speed limit on the Autobahn, mostly for environmental purposes… but it’s political suicide, the German public won’t go for it.

  2. This is very true. I lived in Germany for two years and when you saw an accident on the autobahn, there wasn’t much left!

  3. I have an old music album I love called “Autobahn”. When I found out I was going to Germany, I made sure to get a CD because I thought it would be so cool to listen to it while on the actual Autobahn…

    …I forgot and left it home.

  4. holy cow! That picture is hard to believe. I can’t imagine an accident like that. I saw a person run a stoplight and tbone someone once. No one was hurt badly, but it was a little scary to watch. That must have been a horrific wreck.

  5. What I find most impressive about this pic is the size of the tree – I mean it was a bit like hitting a Ficus sized tree, and yet, the car is scrap metal and the tree appears not to have been affected at all, it did not bow or bend or break… Why aren’t we making CARS out of this stuff, eh?

    One other thing, lots of people standing around, I don’t suppose that any of them are the driver, right?

  6. Wow, that is quite a picture…

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