Wordless Wednesday

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8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It’s a great excusable excuse 🙂 “Everybody lies.” 😀

  2. Ah, my first smile of the day…
    My favorite obsession, my guilty indulgence, I have replaced chocolate with this show! Okay, sometimes I watch and eat chocolate at the same time…

  3. I didn’t recognize the actor at first. I don’t watch much regular tv, I guess. I like the tshirt 🙂

  4. glorious

    I love that show! He is so crabby and yes, everybody does lie. It’s true!

  5. He does portray a very interesting character!

  6. Sonja (jackalope) says:

    Sometimes as I watch this show, which I really enjoy, I wonder why I even like this character at all. He is pompous, arrogant, and unable to express emotion for those he likes and who like him (namely his friend the long-suffering Wilson). He expresses his “affection” for Cuddy by “complimenting” her on her various body parts. I just love the interactions between House and Cuddy because she knows him so well she’s not even insulted by him at all.

    But I guess I think of him like an onion with many layers. While I would never want him as a friend, and would hope I’d never need his services as a doctor (due to his bedside manner, not his diagnostic skills) I have compassion for him. His constant pain contributes to his prickly nature. But, he is evolving slowly.

    Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays House, is phenomenal. I could not believe that he’s a British actor, he has the American accent down PAT!!! Very talented man.

  7. One would have to have a very thick hide, and a willingness to face the truth no matter how painful, to be his “friend” – or his patient! I think he is refreshing because of his blunt honesty. I have known enough dr’s with horrible bedside manners (and lesser skills) to appreciate this one with the quick, slicing wit and humor. I would choose him over the others anytime, simply because I favor laughing in the face of crisis, and bluntness as well.

    If you’re going to play God, you damn well better be the next best thing to Him! Then there are those “other” medical shows where they’re all just trying to look like Gods…

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