Resources for Book Lovers

I have found several websites that cater to booklovers. Being an absolute book nut, I figured some of you other bibliophiles would like to check these sites out.

Shelfari is a social networking site for bookworms and allows you to give and get book recommendations, and discuss books with others. “Shelfari empowers you to show off the books you are passionate about. Build your shelf in Shelfari and then embed your shelf in your blog, website, or social networking site of choice.”

Readers United is a site that facilitates trading books with others. The service is free of charge. The only expense you will encounter is when you pay the postage to mail one of your books to someone. Of course this will be reciprocated to you when you choose a book that someone else wants to trade. You can browse through the entire inventory of books up for trade and add the books you want to trade effortlessly. I have had a lot of fun trading on this site.

Booksense is a place for those who miss the old mom-and-pop book stores (in contrast to the monster stores like Borders and Barnes and Noble). Type in your zip code to find a small bookshop near you.

Booksfree is a reader’s version of Netflix.  They also have audiobooks for rent. I’m not exactly sure why they call themselves “booksfree” as it is a book rental site. For a monthly fee, you can choose from over 79,000 books or 13,000 audiobooks. You read them, then mail them back and get new ones from a list you generate (or you may keep the book at a discount). There are several pricing plans depending on how many books you wish to receive at one time. All the plans include unlimited rentals, free shipping (both ways), no due dates, and no late fees.




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3 responses to “Resources for Book Lovers

  1. Very interesting links, thanks for sharing. Booksfree sounds like a good possibility.

  2. I need to start reading some books again. I feel so bad for not doing that…

  3. Dan

    You might also enjoy revish, which is focussed on book reviews but where you can also keep records of books you and others are going to read, are reading, and have read.

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