Wordless Wednesday



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7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Just strikes me that both man and chair are weightless; otherwise they chair legs would be sunk about 5 inches into the sand. If not more.

  2. I thought that was GEORGE BUSH!

  3. That is just bizzare !

  4. Very cool picture. Done inside a studio. No beach is that smooth, the chair is not sinking into the sand, nor are there any footprints or marks left from a tool to cover the footprints.
    What strikes me about the man is his vitality! He looks wonderful, healthy and ready to live for a long time!

  5. Ah, the joys of photo shop.

  6. dmarks: excellent observation. I missed it on first glance, but you’re right. I’m surprised the photoshopper who created this didn’t notice.

    MrsM: George Bush doesn’t go to the beach anymore. He’s afraid of oil spills.

    Nicola: I strive for only the strangest for my Wordless Wednesdays…

    Shaymus: A Us polly? Please translate…

    Tobeme: right you are. No footprints…the guy must have levitated to the chair. Shows you just how robust he really is.

    Candace: I aspire to be this good with photoshop someday.

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