Amazing Gray

This is one incredible bird. Have you ever watched the show “Cops”? Obviously, this African Gray Parrot is a fan! Listen for him to sing the theme song. He also quotes John 3:16.



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6 responses to “Amazing Gray

  1. seb

    Hilarious… does he say, bad bird bad bird, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?!

    The possibilities are endless with parrots, wow, getting them to learn Bible stuff, that is great, really really funny.

  2. seb

    By the way Sonja, thanks for the interview questions, I just posted my answers!

  3. Wow… you gotta love the birds. Thanks!

  4. Thats as bad as me teaching my ex neighbours bird
    The budgies a poofta! The budgies a poofta!

  5. Seb – yeah, that’s what he’s singing. It’s the theme song for the show “Cops” although the words were changed from “Bad boys” to “Bad bird”! I enjoyed the answers to the questions. That’s such a fun meme, and it’s a good way to get to know your buddies.

    Shaymus – I see why he’s your ex-neighbor 🙂 By the way, I DO know what poofta means. I know because in England it’s poofter.

  6. Sharon: what kinds of things does Mooky say???

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