Baby Season

My friend Luana is a bird breeder. She specializes in Brotogeris (small green parrots originally from South America, including the Grey Cheeked parakeet), and she is the one who bred Gobi.

Luana’s gang is busily mating and eggs have been hatching! Here is her latest crop of baby Canary Winged parakeets. They are tiny (about 2 inches long – full grown they are about 5 1/2″ tail to beak).  I have also included a photo of mature birds so you can see the difference!

Baby Canary Wings

Babies just a few weeks old. photo by Luana Feigelstock.

It won’t be long before they look like this! photo by Leslie Gillis



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5 responses to “Baby Season

  1. Oh my Gawd they are so cute! Just look at their little heads. Maybe you could post another photo of them when they start getting feathers & are able to walk.

  2. Baby animals are soooo cute!

  3. seb

    Those parrots are beautiful. I really need to do a drawing with lots of birds, especially parrots, I will try and do that one of these days Sonja, I know I promised long ago…

  4. Cute little birdies! I really like those little green parrots, lots of moxie 🙂

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