Emergency Action Needed

If you enjoy the benefits of vitamins and supplements and are a believer in natural alternatives to some medications, please read this and act if you can. Please be sure to email a comment to the FDA comment site (see text below) and write a letter to your representives in Washington D.C. as well. But if you do, please hurry. The deadline is May 29!

The FDA is Trying to Take Away Your Access to Natural Medicine! Press Release
FDA Attempting to Regulate Supplements, Herbs and Juices as Drugs.When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA’s end game. A new FDA “guidance” document, published on the FDA’s website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as “medical devices” and require FDA approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket until April 30th. They tried to sneak this under the radar, but word got out and now the natural health community is up in arms over this rule. If you wish to protect your access to nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other “complementary” or “alternative” modality, it is crucial that you take action to post your comments with the FDA right now and write your representatives in Washington to put a stop to this outrageous effort to destroy natural medicine. (And be sure to really write them. Just sending an email has virtually no impact compared to writing a physical letter in your own words.)Click Here to Read the Rest of this Article


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7 responses to “Emergency Action Needed

  1. Les

    We have had a similar sort of thing over here being thrown about…..
    The argument seems to crux on the fact that a lot of natural medicines dont have to conform to any sort of testing. The only thing they have to prove is that they are not poisonous or will not cause harm.
    So in re-clasifying them they will have to prove that; 1, They have a the ingredients that they display. 2, They mave scientific evidence ie, they have been tested under contolled circumstances to perform the cure that they are purported to do. 3, they are not harmful.

    All this was brought on by a major natural pharmacuticles company going belly up….and it was discovered that what they were using in their products was such a small amout of actual product that it would have no possible benefits.
    Dont get me wrong..I am all for natural medicines but they do need to be classified under the same regulations as mainstream medicines.

  2. Sonja says:

    Randi – thanks for the info. Your interview questions have been sent!

    Les – normally I would agree with you. The problem is the greed of Big Pharmaceuticals in this country. I am convinced this is a ploy to rob people of choices and steer them into the arms of the drug companies. The FDA is so lame, they can’t even regulate the drugs they are assigned to now (the Vioxx debacle is one example I would site) that I think “regulation” by them would simply consist of putting supplements on the back burner and depriving people of their use while they “research” them.

  3. Les

    I think your case could be put down to commercialism. Natural medicines are big business and the drug companies know it. Stratigically by campaigning for the regulators to classify them and put stringent tests on them really takes a lot of smaller companies out of the market and gives the big boys with the scientific and legal resourses the ability to walk in and basically grab the large share of the market.
    It doesnt matter to the drug companies then whats in the pill bottle…..as long as it got bums on seats.

  4. In a recent tv commercial for One-a-Day For Women, they say that research indicates vitamin A may be helpful in preventing breast cancer, followed by a written disclaimer at the bottom of the screen which states such claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

    It’s interesting that in view of the Vioxx, Paxil, and other problems with synthetic pharma products too numerous to mention– and all FDA approved at some point– that the FDA can’t get around to evaluating vitamin A.

  5. Stratoblogster – Very, very well said!!!!!

  6. My sister was hospitalized in March with exhaustion. She had been diagnosed several months earlier with bi-polar disorder and prescribed accordingly. However, the doctors at the hospital diagnosed a thyroid condition, took her off the anti-depressants and started treating the thyroid issue.

    A week later, she was released and is now like a new person with plenty of energy.

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