I’m Back

Sorry about my long absence. I had a terrible cough that robbed me of the ability to create. Until yesterday I had not been on the computer for about a week.

I really missed you guys! I have had lots of time to read and watch tv while I was ill, and have formed lots of opinions about things I’ve absorbed, which I will share with you in the coming posts. Bear with me as I start back slowly…

Me & Gizzy Gobi watches TV



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6 responses to “I’m Back

  1. I think your birds need spectacles too……LOL

  2. Glad you are better. Was wondering what happened to you…

  3. Oh yeah, you can still interview me if you would like. It was fun…

  4. Welcome back to the land of the living! After two months of lethargy and intense coughing, I can totally empathize with how you must feel. It is good to have you back and healing. I have missed your blogs (and yes, I check your blog repeatedly every day)!

  5. Welcome back! A lot of people at work have been sick with bad colds & coughs. I’ve been lucky so far.

    The birdies are so cute.

  6. seb

    So nice to have you back!!!! But please, be careful, those parrots are looking particularly dangerous in those pictures….

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