I Get Interviewed by Mr. Fab

Brad (aka Mr. Fab) at the “Pointless Drivel” blog is a hoot. His website has brought many a smile to my face and a spring to my step.

He had a meme last week where he interviewed each of his readers with questions he thought up especially for them. Brad has hundreds of readers, so this is quite a feat!! He also has a radio program, so I don’t know how he finds the time to attend to all of these matters.

Anyway, here’s how the meme works :

  • Leave a comment at my blog saying, “Interview me.” Include your blog URL.
  • I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  • You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
  • You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  • When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
  • Have fun!
  • Here is the interview that was created just for me by Mr. Fab:
    1. As Warren Zevon fans, don’t you think you and I obviously enjoy a higher degree of intelligence than the general population? I must answer in the affirmative to this one. Warren Zevon (may he rest in peace) was one of the premier singers/songwriters of our time. Even the uninitiated will remember the song “Werewolves of London” which was in popular radio rotation back in the early 80’s. While this song is a hoot, but is not indicative of the true Zevon school of witty and insightful lyrics. My personal favorites are “Genius”, “Desperadoes Under the Eaves”, “Something Bad Happened to a Clown”, and many more too numerous to name. His partnerships with Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne created many a vocally rich tune. Unfortunately Warren died a few years ago of cancer, having sought medical treatment too late and having smoked cigarettes liberally for most of his life.
    2. You live in Southern California. How do you deal with the traffic without killing yourself? Part of living in SoCal is learning to be Zen. There are many odd religions out here for you to choose from. As you know, I am staunchly against organized religion on the whole, but if it actually succeeds in making the odd person a better person and one who can better handle the annoyances of traffic, I’m OK with it. But I digress. Learning to be Zen is one imperative for handling SoCal traffic; the other is a good car stereo. The latter can be used for keeping up on the music scene as well as borrowing foreign language instructional tapes from the library. With the amount of traffic here, you can become bi-, tri-, or quadri-lingual in no time at all. So far I am fluent in Russian, Serbian, Eskimo, Mandarin Chinese, and Farsi. I guess I really ought to get to Spanish soon…
    3. You love parrots. It’s just us here; you can be honest. Every once in a while don’t you wonder how they would taste all fried up golden brown? Why, you’ve got me there. I’ll admit that every year when one of parrots lays eggs (infertile) I wonder what they would taste like all fried up on an English muffin (two or three to a muffin, they are rather small). I haven’t tried it yet though. Also, the problem with frying up the whole bird is that due to their rather diminutive size after plucking, the meat that remains does not justify the expended energy required to cook them. As I have an electric stove, I don’t want to have any problems with Al Gore…
    4. Do you believe in soul mates, or do you think that love is all one big spin of the roulette wheel? No roulette wheel. I honestly knew I was going to marry my husband the moment we were introduced (although he only became aware of this future wedding much later in the game). Maybe it’s because I can really tune into people and see what they are about, but I just knew right away that Bill was my “soul mate”. However I do believe it is possible to have various soul mates in different categories. I have friends who pretty much read my mind and send me things in the mail that I have wanted but never asked for. I think that’s a soul connection!
    5. You have named your SUV “Black Crow”. Isn’t that proof you should be institutionalized? Yes, for two reasons. One – That I drive an SUV in the first place (another reason to hide from Al Gore). My reason (note I did not say “excuse”) is that I have some physical problems that make it hard for me to be comfortable in any but the best adjustable seating. My car has this. I would feel better mentally driving a Prius or some other alternative energy vehicle, but the physical rules at the moment. Second reason for institutionalization – I admit that “Black Crow” came from the Murano commercials on tv . I caved in to the ubiquitous commercialism that surrounds us each day. But it seemed so fitting since I love birds and what bird is black? The crow.

    I would like to interview Sebastien next if he is amenable. I just know that his answers will be well worth it!

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    8 responses to “I Get Interviewed by Mr. Fab

    1. Brad/Fab is the MASTER of the multi-task. I seriously don’t know how he does it all.

    2. Sounds fun! If you get a chance, I’d love an interview!

    3. seb

      Oh, this was great fun! Haha, fried parrot, sounds tasty, you know you crave it!

      Interview? Me? Why I would love it!!! How do we do it? You send me questions via email and I’ll post questions and response on my blog? This is fun, then maybe I’ll create some crazy questions and interview another blogger… I see much hilariousness to be had with this…

    4. I agree with your answer to #2 & think your answer to #3 is hilarious.

    5. Anyone want to interview me?

      (I may not comment much but I do visit you, Sonja.)

    6. dk

      looks cool!
      i am game

    7. dk

      great to see you responding!
      my updates will come pretty soon 🙂

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