Death and Taxes

Most of my posts are of a rather gentle nature. Allow me to break form and have a good rant:

Yesterday as I stood in the post office filling out certified mail forms so I could mail my tax returns, I was struck by a wave of sorrow.

No, not because of the money I had to pay. I don’t mind paying for services that I feel are needed (such as libraries, infrastructure, programs for the less fortunate, etc.) .

What bothered me, and I’m sure bothered every evolved human when they filed their taxes for the last few years, is where the money has actually been going. My conscience is bothering me about my money going to pay for bombs and guns in a war I don’t agree with. In my mind, I see the faces of the people who have been bombed out of their homes and the bodies of those lying in pools of their own blood in a country where we should never have treaded in the first place.

Anyone with a community college education (or maybe high school even) would have known not to go into this country to create a “democracy”. In order for this change to take place, the people have really got to want it. With Iraq being a theocracy, that will only happen in it’s own good time if at all. You can’t have democracy at the point of a gun. The fact that you have three warring factions who have been at each other’s throats for the last 1000 years should have been a clue to the clueless that the region is not ready for change. Why were the President and his “highly competent” advisors blind to this? This doesn’t even take into consideration that the entire US population was lied to about the “reasons” for starting this war in the first place.

I am so frustrated by this situation. I just don’t understand that one man can take charge of a situation that most of his constituents disagree with. It really pissed me off when Bush said something to the effect of “he has to take certain kinds of actions so he won’t disappoint the people who voted for him.” Well, last time I checked Bush was President of the entire United States, not just the people who voted for him. Plus, many of the people who voted for him have changed their minds about the war issue since the election. What is this guy’s agenda? He already avenged his father the elder Bush for the perceived Iraqi slights of the past. He got rid of Saddam. What is he doing now? He already looks like a fool in the eyes of the world, why throw away more lives?

Certainly this Presidency will go down as one of the worst in U.S. History.

I ask that dissenting comments be of a polite nature.

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8 responses to “Death and Taxes

  1. I feel the same – especially when it could be so better spent on medicines and health care in this country.

    Mr Blair was boasting about his legacy again today – his legacy will be Iraq and the blood on his hands – no matter what he likes to think.

  2. I can’t stand Bush, but thinking about taxes going to that makes tax day ven more depressing!

  3. I am against war, but I am against standing by while others are slaughtered and suffering needlessly. I hate that Bush did not have the intellect to raise the consciousness of the world, to say we need to stop Saddam, we need to take responsibility after putting this vile “human being” (I use the term extremely loosely!) in power only to stand by as he slaughtered his people. I would have liked to hear what the world had to say if we stood before the UN and, instead of lying and saying he had WMD, and said instead that this evil had to be stopped, that we as a collective need to stop him. I am told by others that this type of thing goes on in others countries, so how do we justify stopping Saddam and not the others? But I say, how do we justify standing by in any of these cases?

    A friend went to Iraq to educate and prepare the women to enter into a working world. The question in my mind is not if they are capable of this, there is no doubt the Iraqi women are strong and capable-that they have survived in a world where they nothing more than property shows that-but what will become of these women when the men of their country take back control of it?

    It is no longer a matter of do we belong there, it is more a matter of how do we make this work, for our country, for their country. How can we withdraw without all of these people paying with their own lives, just as others did when Bush Sr pulled out? Everyone wants a Black and White answer, but we live in a world that is shades of gray, and that is where the answers are.

    I do not wish to see anymore people dying – and I find it repulsive how many of them say it is in the name of their Religion, as if God would somehow assure them a place in Heaven for slaughtering their brothers. Even our President has made it his own personal Holy war – but there is nothing Holy about it, Mr Pres!

    I wondered how Bush Jr, a father, could rape the earth and deny global warming, all the while knowing that he was destroying the earth for his children’s generation, and then I heard him talk of his religious beliefs and found that he believes the end is coming, and he expects to be accepted in Heaven – this is as if Colonel Sanders learned that God is a chicken but still expected to be forgiven and accepted into Heaven…

    It is that old belief that we will be forgiven for our sins. Why do these zealots not realize that that is no excuse for committing further crimes? Why do they not turn to being more Christ-like in their daily lives, that they might not need to beg forgiveness at the end of their days?

    I would be grateful and pay gladly if my taxes restored the school systems, protected our children from drunks, gangs, and predators, gave us less traffic, supported clean air initiatives, helped our own homeless and ill people. But people keep voting their fears, and our political system continues to run on lies and subterfuge, and is all about money and corrupt power. Why can we not take the teeth out of the system – create laws about the way campaigns are run, limit the funds, allot time to valid candidates on national TV for honest debates, and create websites that explain honestly and in simple terms all the details of the laws we are voting into effect. It would be easy enough to do, if we demanded it – but the moneyed people behind the corrupt system won’t allow it…

    Oh enough, I am going to bed! Perhaps I will dream of a way to change the world…

  4. It looked like such a small comment – then I submitted it and, Dear God, it was bigger than your original….

  5. seb

    I agree with everything. Although, it can be argued that things would have turned out better in Iraq if Bush and his team had been more competent and had better plans, AND more troops, about 200-300,000 more! But, since Rumsfeld is an arrogant fool and couldn’t face reality (somehow this last quality affects most of the Bush cabinet, Bush himself, Cheney, Wolfowitz when he was there…), plus the fact that instituting a draft would kill the Republican party, well, those things made it much more difficult to succeed in a place that was going to be difficult to find success in the first place.

    What was the motivation for this war? I’d say weapons contractors and other such nefarious corporations (maybe oil), Bush and Cheney have quite a history in the oil and weapons industries, so I’m sure many of their friends, and they themselves were able to make some cash on this (cynical to think this? sure, but hey, I wouldn’t expect any less from those guys!)… and I don’t doubt there was some idealism on their part, this dream that they could transform the Middle East into a bastion of liberty and democracy… unfortunately, the Bush cabinet doesn’t have the excuse that they do drugs and smoke opium all day, so the reason for their bad decisions can only be attributed to arrogance and idiocy and not drug induced incompetency…

    I heard Bill Bradley speak about Iraq the other day, I really liked everything he had to say. Strikes me as a smart guy who speaks really well (plus he was a great basketball player in his day, always a plus in my book!), too bad he’s not running.

  6. I have the same nagging thought running through my head. How could they not have seen the chaos an invasion would create? I’ve mulled over several conspiracy theories about the true reasons for our invasion. the simple answer would be that they simply did not see it coming, but that rings hollow to me. Oil, profits, Carlyle Group, Weapons, strategic leverage against Iran? I just don’t know… Even with the inevitable violence our pullout will cause, I still can’t see a good reason to stay.

  7. “My conscience is bothering me about my money going to pay for bombs and guns in a war I don’t agree with.”
    I could not agree more. When I think about the good uses that money could be put to, it breaks my heart.

  8. Hey thanks for commenting! Always nice to hear feedback. I’m going to check out you blog now!

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