California Interstate 5 at 5 pm Friday



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6 responses to “California Interstate 5 at 5 pm Friday

  1. umm I am dumb when it comes with dashboards. That means you’re not moving?

  2. seb

    Too bad Phoenix is following in these footsteps…

  3. I could have this picture and title it, “Why I don’t live in Southern California!”

  4. Man, I had to check my calendar, thought it was another wordless Wednesday post!

    Hard to believe the traffic has actually improved in our area. When I started my biz 15 years ago and would find myself stuck in traffic I would ask myself how much longer I was going to stay in this area. Then the 73 got completed and it changed considerably. Now it is getting bad again…

    Oh well, maybe the heat from global warming will send people back out of California to the cooler states – like Arizona and Hawaii – hahaha

  5. That’s one of the things that sticks with me from trips to SoCal. So frustrating.

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