Mysterious Holes in Jeans

Hubby is very annoyed. These are his favorite jeans; they are of good quality. Yet they have unsightly holes where the pockets attach to the rest of the pants. If he wears underwear of any color besides blue, it looks like circus pants. None of his other pants show this wear, because, of course, they are not his favorites. He doesn’t keep his wallet in his back pockets, and doesn’t wear these jeans any more often than his others. Obviously the construction is to blame.

This post was really created just to brag about my husband’s butt. It’s the perfect masculine butt. I really like it – scientists calibrate their instruments with it, by the way.

Guys, you can stop cringing now.

Ladies…sorry, he’s all mine!!



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6 responses to “Mysterious Holes in Jeans

  1. Lol. Just the thing I needed to see.

    I kid, I kid.

  2. Hmmm…..makes me feel like becoming a homo.

  3. glorious

    Hey, Levi 550 Relaxed fit. My hubby’s wear like that too.

  4. seb

    I second what Manuel said, haha!!!

  5. Hmm, are you sure that’s Bill, cause at first glance I was asking myself why you were posting a picture of MY husband Rick’s butt on your blog… Guess I know now why we were really attracted to these two. Wow, they could be twins!

    As for Bill’s feelings about the wear, just tell him to turn the other cheek….

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