Play Day

I haven’t posted about my boy Cory in awhile.

Yesterday I was invited to join my friends Candace and Shirley, and Cory, Candace’s son and Shirley’s grandson. It was my first time to Florence Joyner Playground. There’s a large statue of the Olympic runner standing at the entrance to the park. What a wonderful place! There’s this weird space-age material on the ground under all the play gyms that is soft and gives when you walk on it. A great place to land when you fall off a climbing toy!

This is actually a huge park. Only a small portion is seen here. Note the colorful spongy floor covering.

Cory climbs with help from Candace, and slides under Shirley’s watchful eye.



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5 responses to “Play Day

  1. What an interesting & colorful park. That flooring is a brilliant idea.

  2. seb

    Looks like fun. Makes me miss childhood 🙂

  3. Looks like a great time and an awesome park!!!

  4. Sonja says:
    All the bright colors made me want to climb all over everything, but the little kids wouldn’t share.

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