It’s Not So Bad

I have made a habit of not watching the TV news. For the sake of sensationalism, which apparently generates bucks for the sponsors, all I ever hear on network news is the bad news. Sometimes there will be a cute human interest story, or a cute animal tale, but generally it’s all about conflicts and crime. It’s enough to make one lose their hope for humanity.

We all know on some level that there is good news too. The Good Samaritan who does his work quietly; the anonymous paramedic, doctor, social worker, or just the ordinary man or woman on the street who sees someone in need of aid and provides it.

So, in the interest of shining a little bright light into all our lives, I decided to post this little poem I found in a Sylvia Browne book. It’s there to remind us that there is good around us always. OK, it’s a pretty corny. At least it rhymes.

The Brighter Side


Someone committed murder last night.

But hundreds of thousands were kind,

For the wrong that is done is forever is sight

To the good that are fearfully blind.


Someone deserted his children today,

But millions of fathers were true.

The bad deeds are not such a fearful array

Compared to the good that men do.


Somebody stole from his brother last night,

But millions of honest men live.

Someone was killed in a murderous fight,

But thousands were glad to forgive.


Their brothers, the wrongs that were fancied or real.

The crimes that we hear of each day

Compared in the good deeds that we could reveal,

Make not such a fearful array.


I would answer the men who stand up and declare,

That the world is much given to vice

That the sum of men’s crimes every day, everywhere,

Can’t compare with man’s sweet sacrifice.


That for every black soul there are thousands pure white,

The sum of the sinners hopefully is few.

And I know in  my heart that the world is all right,

When I think of the good that men do.



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7 responses to “It’s Not So Bad

  1. glorious

    I quit watching TV news years ago. I can’t stand the obvious sensationalism. The greed for viewers is evident in the hook em news updates with promises of “more at 10”. I read news on the internet and keep up that way.
    Thanks for the uplifting poem.

  2. I also stopped watching the news years ago. Occassionally I’ll try to catch the weather but that’s about it. And actually the internet is a good way to stay on top of the stories that actually interest you.

  3. It still makes me crazy when they tell you that there is a raging fire “in the southland, tune in at 11pm” – uh, yeah, if my house is still standing! Where is the fire, how hard is that to say??? We now download news casts to our i-pod, and have an attachment to watch it on our TV, so we get the real news, not the sensationalist stuff-not that some of what we see isn’t one sided…
    I stopped watching the news as a kid when I learned that it was one-sided and fails to cover the whole story. Like the kid that gets attacked by a dog, but nobody ever mentions that the kid tormented that dog for years until one day somebody left the gate open or something like that. I believe there is no such thing as bad dogs, just bad owners…
    Oh no, another one of my rants………

  4. That’s an awesome post! Thanks for posting it!

  5. Food for thought – I shall try and take that with me X

  6. Shaymus

    Are you still singing the bicycle song?

  7. seb

    That is a great way of looking at life, I fully endorse it! I have this belief that humans collectively are more good than bad. By far, well, I hope…

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