Me, Engine

Do any of you remember that Simon & Garfunkel song of the late 70’s called “Baby Driver”? Some of the lyrics are:

“Scoot down the road what’s my number? I wonder how your engine feels…bop ba ba ba”

Well, I found this old picture of myself and my old boyfriend Rich (the MG mechanic mentioned in the post “No Regrets“). As you can see, the car’s original innards are gone, and I am getting a tune up. Now I know how the engine feels…bop ba ba ba.]

No this was not one of my MGs. Actually Rich still has this car and still drives it around, although in Kentucky now, not California.



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6 responses to “Me, Engine

  1. cute photos. dad never could get me to help out with the family car.

  2. You probably know 5 billion more things about fixin cars than I do. I know nothing…

  3. I think it’s great the car is still on the road!

  4. It’s not only great that that car is still on the road but amazing too! Talk about a well-maintained car!

  5. seb

    Love the photos (I always love your pics!). Car engines frighten me… I really need to learn how those things work.

  6. Wonderful photos – and “Baby Driver” is still one of my favourites

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