Men with Birds

I felt that a showcase of men “rubbing shoulders” with birds was needed. Here is a compilation of male people I know brave enough to get within the personal space of a parrot:

Gizmo and Dad

Hubby Bill and Peeper

Rick meets Gizmo

Bill and Gobi

My cousin Ron cautiously approaches Gizzy.

Where’s the bird? Look under Mike’s chin! There’s little Forest under the cashmere.



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6 responses to “Men with Birds

  1. These guys are keepers!! there is no way I would hold a parrot, I’m a wimp!

  2. How many parrots do you have?

  3. I love the one hiding under the jumper.

  4. Sonja (jackalope) says:

    Mrs. M – I think you would fall in love with them once you knew them (the parrots, and perhaps the men).

    Bice – I have two parrots, Gizmo and Gobi, but many men! (LOL)

    Nicola – Isn’t he darling! (the parrot and the man). We had a bird like this for 20 years, and he used to snuggle under Bill’s neck all the time.

  5. seb

    I love all the pictures, specially the last one, too cute!

    Those creatures look ferocious.

  6. Bill can’t hold Mooky but he will allow him to pet his foot. They are funny animals!

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