No Regrets

I was recently at my chiropractor’s and started talking with an elderly woman that I see at the office once in awhile. Her name is Madelyn and we somehow seem to seek each other out and make small talk. This last time I saw her, however, the small talk took a serious turn and she revealed to me two regrets that she had in her long life. As I listened to her speak, I realized that I had experienced both of the things she regretted not having done.

She told me that her first regret is “I regret that I never had long hair.” I replied that it’s not too late for her to have long hair but she thought that long hair “doesn’t look good on old ladies.” I disagree, I think older women with long hair look more youthful. Anyway, I had longish hair once. I’m glad I had it, but I prefer what I have now. Here I am with long hair, some years ago at a friend’s wedding (with my future hubby next to me):

Madelyn’s next regret was “I never had a red convertible sports car.” I thought to myself “I’ve led a less sheltered life than I thought because I DID have a red convertible sports car!” It was an MGB, candy apple red, which I bought at age 19 with my own money. My dad and I had a huge argument over it (“while you’re under my roof you are not spending your money on a piece-of-shit MG), but as part of the growing up and rebelling experience, I bought it anyway. My boyfriend at the time was a mechanic (good thing, too) and I learned a lot about cars through the experience. I remember once removing the radiator by myself because it had leaks. Those cars were easy to work on, not like the cars today with their jam-packed engine compartments and computer operated systems. Unfortunately, I can’t find a photo of my “little red convertible”, but since I had two convertibles in my lifetime here’s the other one; another MGB, this one was orange with a blue stripe (old boyfriend standing by):

The tragedy of this particular car was this: I eventually sold it to my cousin, who is very handy with cars.; he drove it for a few years, and then one day driving down the freeway, the fan blade came spinning through the hood. And that was the end of that.

So, although my acquaintance may have her regrets, I discovered that these two events were not to become regrets of mine. I’ll keep encouraging her to grow her hair, and maybe someday soon, if we become friends, I’ll rent a red convertible for her to drive for a day. I would love to see that!!!!!!



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12 responses to “No Regrets

  1. Les

    a nice looking couple.

  2. Thank you for linking me. Much appreciated

  3. seb

    You guys look wonderful in that photo!

    Those are definitely two regrets I won’t ever worry about, haha!

  4. You look good together 🙂

    I love my long hair – it is now the longest it has ever been – waist level on my back – I was devastated when it fell out in bucket loads when I was ill. I had it cut shorter to encourage it to grow back and it has 🙂 🙂

    We also owned a red Alpha Romeo sports car – well two of them – many years ago – great fun.

  5. Show her a photo of Shirley – after she has complemented her on her gorgeous hair, tell her Shirley is turning 74 this year…

  6. Sonja (Jackalope) says:

    Hey thanks everybody for the sweet compliment! After 23 years Bill and I are still happy together!

    Phil – you’re welcome 🙂

    Nicola – I can see you cruising down a curving English road in your red Alfa!

    Candace – I’ll ask Shirley if that’s OK with her. She has lovely hair and is the youngest “senior” citizen I know! She is an inspiration to me.

  7. Oh, that would be so cool if you could help that woman realize her dreams. They’re pretty modest!

  8. My mother always regretted not leaving NJ & moving back to Philadelphia. Listening to her regret throughout my whole life is the reason I left NJ & moved to California… I never wanted to regret not giving it a chance.

  9. Two red sports cars in one lifetime? That’s gluttony! 🙂

  10. That is a cute little car. Could see myself driving it around sharp turns on a cliff.

  11. What about CHER? She’s like old and has long hair 🙂

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