The Most Unwanted Inventions

Journalist Marilyn vos Savant conducted a poll in the Los Angeles Times Parade magazine last weekend. She asked 2000 people what they would most like to uninvent. Here are the top ten, with some comments made by respondents in quotes (without quotes are my comments):

1. High Heels – “they make me dread dressy occasions”

2. Jet skis – “inventions that allow one person to enjoy a formerly quiet lake or beach while ruining the scene for swimmers, picnickers, and sailors, not to mention wildlife.”

3. Leaf blowers – high decibel nuisances. Commercial gardeners love them, but the city of Laguna Beach put it’s foot down and has outlawed them. If only my town would do that. Not only are they loud, but also contribute to global warming with their dirty little one-stroke engines.

4. Automated Telephone Assistance – there are actually websites (such as devoted to showing consumers how to get around different company’s systems so you can actually speak with a human being.

5. Television – I can’t get into this one. I think TV has its purpose. I read a lot but love tv too. But I do think it cuts into family time. As for the crappy stuff that co-exists with the good – don’t yell about, just change the channel.

6. Video Games – (Manuel and Randi won’t like this one). I don’t play them, but if used in moderation I see no harm. I just hope people are vigilant about the violence level in their kids’ games.

7. Bass ampifiers – ugh. There’s a guy in my neighborhood who shakes our windows every time he drives by, luckily it goes by quick. There is no escaping bass noise and I pity those with inconsiderate neighbors.

8. Neckties – these torture devices are now thought to reduce blood flow to the brain by applying pressure to the carotid arteries. I would like to add bras to this category too. Let ’em swing in the wind like the “primitive” cultures do. Who wants all this tight stuff next to their bodies?

9. Car alarms – a noise usually ignored by others and only inconveniences the owner of the car and anyone else within earshot. They’re only deterrent value is that when an alarm is heard, people who know their car is in the vicinity look around to make sure it isn’t their car, thus at least providing a little observation. “Have you ever heard a car alarm sounding and thought “Wow! Someone is trying to steal that car?'”

10. Cell phones – oh man, need I say more? My hubby calls it “the electronic leash”.



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7 responses to “The Most Unwanted Inventions

  1. I don’t agree with 2 and 5 (largely because I do both of them), nor do I have an opinion of 3 and 4 (because I’ve had one/dealt with one), but I agree with Bass Amplifiers so much! They are horrible weapons of mass annoyance.

    If I was to add one thing to that list, I’d “uninvent” Microwaves. I went to a mates house once for a curry night. Turns out it was Asda £1 chicken tikka massala heated up. I do think they have their uses, but people have survived on microwave dinners, it’s just not healthy!

  2. Les

    I totally agree….we gave away our microwave 10 years ago….

  3. Hmmm, let’s see…

    #1 ,2,3,7,9,10- Don’t care either way.

    #4 – I call insurance companies all day. I agree!

    #5 and 6 – HEAVEN forbid!!!

    #8 – I like wearing ties. I have about 50 of them.

  4. Hmmm, hate heels but enjoyed them when I was younger (and lighter on my feet), same goes for the Jet Skis (talk about a full body work out), HATE our neighbors’ gardener who uses his leaf blower at 7am. Why stop with ATS, let’s get rid of the automated solicitation callers-and all others that call hoping to drain money from our dry well-after my son has gone to sleep-death to all! TV has been a useful educational tool (okay, baby sitter) but also a distraction from much needed sleep – but I cannot live without House, MD so we will keep ours… Video games (or computer games) will be the death of me. Hate Bass amps too (and the oompa-loompa music coming out of our neighbors garage, usually while I am napping!). Neckties are only useful for… other stuff I enjoyed when I was younger! I am all for burning my bra too. My car alarm has an option, work or don’t work, it changes without letting me in on it, that is really annoying. As for the cell phones, normally I hate them (not just because my husband thinks using the radio feature on our Nextel and yelling “Hello Shnookums!” while I am in a meeting with a new client is entertaining), but today I have found it to be very comforting, since my husband, also known as Pookie, is now snow bound in New York, missing me and calling frequently to let me know how much… So, for now, I will keep the cell phone… Pookie too!

  5. JuiceBawx

    You penises! Video games!?!??!?!?!?!? You should get assraped with a pitchfork! BRUTIALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God you people disgust me saying that video games should be uninvented. HA! They’re something good for people to do after boredom. You guys are such idiots.Go die man!

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