I Could Never Be an Art Forger…

Last year I made a foray into the world of acrylic painting. I’ve got the creative bug and since I’ve got lots of spare time due to illness, I like to learn about and try different things. I love to take classes at the local community college or adult ed.

This particular class’ s goal was for us to learn about the painting process by copying a great master’s work. I love the Impressionists, I love Monet, and my favorite color is blue, so I picked this painting entitled “The Beach at Sainte-Adresse 1867“. I enjoy the dreamy look of his paintings.

Here’s my version:

Compare to Monet painting:

I’ll admit for a first try I didn’t do too badly, but no one could ever accuse me of forgery. And Monet is not doing “the rotisserie” in his grave. But I found I didn’t enjoy painting too much for this reason: I have to use acrylics; due to a health problem I’m not allowed to use oil paints and especially not solvents. So for each special color I needed, I had to mix up special color batches of paint. This would be no big deal, except that acrylics dry quite fast and if you don’t paint quickly, the paint in the palette dries up and you have to mix another batch – and just like matching paint on a car, you have to hope you can get close to the same color you had before (or else paint the whole area again, a vicious circle).

Now that I bought all the accoutrements of painting, maybe I’ll just try to paint my own original composition. I need drawing lessons though. My grasp of perspective is elementary at best.



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6 responses to “I Could Never Be an Art Forger…

  1. For a first attempt I think it is well done. Don’t give up.

  2. Sure, it wouldn’t be a forgery canidate, but I still think it pretty good!

  3. seb

    That’s a great job! Painting takes so many years to master… all artists spend their lives learning!!! Copying is a great way to learn about color, light and dark, but especially colors, that’s what I found copying to help me the most with. Each painter has their own palette so it can be tricky to find the right hues.

    Maybe, if you are feeling up to it you could take a class at a local college… Figure drawing and figure painting are some of the best ways to learn perspective, proportion, everything, the human body is the hardest thing to paint, but the focus it requires also means you will learn a lot in the process…

    With the acrylics, I paint with them sometimes, I prefer oils, but acrylics are far less harmful and easier to manage. There are different methods to keep the paint wet, I use a spray bottle and spritz the acrylics with water every now and again. I know people who use these special palettes that keeps the paint wet, they aren’t too expensive and in the end it saves you money…

    So happy to know you are painting!!!!!! Keep it up, there are worlds of possibilities with a blank canvas and the mind…

  4. Why would you want to do forgery? Maybe you’re ideas for scenes are better than Monet’s , don’t be intimidated by a name! You have talent you should paint your own stuff!

  5. Ben

    Ed makes a good point, paint your own art. However, one of the best ways to push your technique and get better as an artist is to copy the masters. That is exactly what Michelangelo and many others have done.

    I agree with Seb, it would be hard to copy this painting with acrylics. Oils would be easier for blending – especially in the sky.

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