Winkle, Toy Consultant for Hire

I felt the need to post another parrot photo since I keep getting such cute pictures!

This is Winkle, a Canary-Winged parakeet of the Brotogeris species owned by Karen in Maine. Winkle loves toys, as you can see by the stash in his tent! And inside the cage too! Some birds are actually scared of new things in their cages, but not Winkle. Karen says he is considering a career in toy consulting for those birds who are scared of their toys.

Obviously he enjoys bathing also – as you can see he just indulged before this photo was taken.

Thanks for sharing Winkle with us, Karen!



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4 responses to “Winkle, Toy Consultant for Hire

  1. That is a a really cool tent! I have never seen that before. How is he at lighting a campfire 🙂

  2. I love the tent too ………… I thought it was only magpies that hoarded!

  3. Haha….you could be right about the boxing

  4. His tent looks a little like my basement. I guess we have more in common with birds than we thought 😉 Neat picture

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