Things I Really Dislike

photo by oh that rachel!

1) Being stuck behind a bus or smelly diesel car or truck at a stoplight, choking as the passenger compartment of my car becomes filled with toxic gases. I have now learned to turn on the recirculating air and turn off the outside air, but usually some of the stink is already in the car.

2) When a waiter brings food and his finger is in the dish or plate (i.e. thumb in the soup)

3) Stepping in dogshit left by an inconsiderate dog walker.

4) Listening to the story of someone’s life as they talk loudly on their cell phone.

5) People who judge others based on appearence or outward behavior without knowing any background facts.

6) Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

7) That friggin’ tightly formed tough plastic that electronic items come in (most recently a computer mouse, travel drive and computer hub gadget). When you try to open up the plastic you have the potential of seriously cutting yourself, not just with the cutting utensil , but the plastic itself is razor sharp. Why haven’t personal injury lawyers caught on to this yet??

8  Spam about enlarging or otherwise altering my non-existent penis.

9) Library books that have mysterious and scary, possibly biohazardous stains in them. They make me want to wash my hands thoroughly after reading them.

10) Eyes that are so dry they feel like sandpaper when you blink.



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5 responses to “Things I Really Dislike

  1. Me too- to everything!

  2. glorious

    Yeah! Stink and dirt. Yuck.

  3. How about the spam from women wanting to play with your non-existent penis, those are fun too, aren’t they? I can hardly wait until my son has his own computer and email address… Birds & bees are going to be EASY to explain compared to those emails…

  4. Yeah, what is with that plastic. I use my extra tough kictehn scissors to cut through them now.

    I hate stains in library books. I always feel like washing my hands after reading one and try real hard not to touch my face.

  5. seb

    Oh, I laughed hard with the library books thing. There are some really mangled books out there. That picture you put up is too funny!

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