Blogging Slowdown

Is it me or has anyone else noticed a dearth of comments and reduced views on their blogs? Is there some kind of mass blogger break going on that I am unaware of? Yikes!



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14 responses to “Blogging Slowdown

  1. Well…. I read everything you write but have started using google reader because it saves so much time. To comment takes a few extra moments so i don’t do it quite so often. But I am here— still faithful!

  2. Blogging like all things, seems to go in cycles. Sometimes you get lots of comments and people post alot on their blogs, then it’s like everyone vanished. It’s just the way it is 🙂 Not sure why though.

  3. I just haven’t felt well. So I took a few days off.

  4. I don’t know. I don’t get a large number of comments anyway. Who knows. It’s possible. It goes in cycles.

  5. Too exhausted to answer the phone, much less type, by the time Saturday got here, today… not much different! Thinking of teaching Cory to type, so much easier, keep him busy too… Back to school tomorrow, naptime for me, yahoo!

  6. seb

    Yeah! Totally! I dunno how it works, but it does seem cyclical.

  7. In Oz I have noticed that when the cold weather comes in june july aug…blogging drops off after about 8pm and in the morning too…..I have had my comments off for a while but I have noticed it in this group and an english group I stalk….So it relates to cold…slows the brain down too so people are less likely to come up with as many witty comebacks and thought provoking posts…

    Perhaps you all need to put colourful tea cozzies on your heads.

  8. Happening here too ………. 😦

  9. Hey Sonar the pix are going in..check out the fr food so far. Frogs legs go in next. TX for all your help too!! K

  10. Sonja (jackalope) says:

    Hey thanks everybody for leaving a comment…I feel SOOOO much better now to know you’re all out there and that everyone’s doing OK!!! Love you guys!!! Randi – I hope you’re feeling better!

  11. I’ve been holed up in my house for a couple weeks. It’s too cold to go outside, but I don’t wind up commenting on blogs either… I just sit around wishing it was spring. I’m sure things will pick up as it gets warmer out there. not something you’d know much about… SoCal!

  12. I think it’s all about this time of year for me…. but glad to have found you, via MsDemmie, and my DH has an African Grey called Gizmo! I love the parrot pics! 🙂

  13. Hey thanks for your kind words! Any friend of Nicola’s is a friend of mine!

    I’m glad you like my parrot pics – birds are my passion and my two little ones are great companions for me since I am home most of the day.

    I would haver written you back sooner, but I’ve been sick since Saturday. Some kind of cold/flu thing. I will be checking in on your site too!

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