I accidentally turned the comments off on my blog post for part of yesterday.

If you have any comments on yesterday’s post, please send them! I love feedback.



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6 responses to “OOPS!

  1. Well that explains a lot! Now, if only I could remember what I wanted to say yesterday.

  2. Is that a real picture? I haven’t read a book in eons! No time unfortunately 😦 ANyway…I read the Internet so that counts a little

  3. Oops is right in that picture. Makes me laugh when people try that.

  4. Candace

    Somebody believes the commercials they see of cars flying thru waterways… How unfortunate there is no common sense portion of the drivers test, eh?

    Hmm, as for the 1 smiley face for a book, how about if I am stranded on a desert island and I use the 1 smiley face book to light an SOS fire, would that be okay?

  5. Sonja (jackalope) says:

    Lyndon – Easy, just use the time machine and you’re all set.

    Mrs. Mogul – yeah the Internet counts. I found this picture in a magazine, and because I had a VW Golf at the time, I held on to it.

    Manuel – Gee, I thought cars were designed to run on water…

    Candace – that’s an excellent idea! I should have thought of that when I made the smiley legend!

  6. hey cute pic of lined parrots!

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