Deadly Contest

Last week in Sacramento, California, a 28-year-old mother of two lost her life after participating in a contest to win a free playstation. Jennifer Strange was trying to win a Nintendo Wii game console for her kids in a contest called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”, sponsored by Sacramento radio station KDND. The winner would be the one to drink the most water without a bathroom break. Ms. Strange drank two gallons of water in three hours. A few hours later she was discovered dead in her home – drinking too much water can radically alter the body’s chemistry and cause brain swelling.

The radio station took the morning program off the air and suspended 3 DJs involved with the contest.

I don’t know how to respond to this one. I think that people have a poor sense of what their bodies are capable of and/or are oblivious to the old saw “everything in moderation”. People are so used to the idea of “super sizing”everything that they have lost the concept of limits in their lives.

I also blame some of this carelessness on the movies and television shows where we consistently see people falling off buildings, getting in car crashes, getting beaten up, etc and walking away unharmed. I think maybe it instills a false sense of the body’s capabilities and maybe encourages people to think they can get away with things that in real life would severely injure or kill them.

How very sad for the family she left behind.



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8 responses to “Deadly Contest

  1. Actually I think everyone involved with the contest has now been fired. I think the worst part about this tragedy, is that people called in to warn the Dj’s that what they were doing was dangerous. The Dj’s just brushed it off, saying that everyone signed a waiver and they couldn’t be held responsible.

    Anyway this site has more about the story.
    Wii Contest

  2. That radio station should have had legal check out this before hand. Anything involving doing something to or putting something in the body should be researched.

  3. 10 people including the DJs got fired. The news has been nonstop here in Sac on the issue. It’s tough because the DJs are friends with one of my best friends. I know they feel horrible. It is just a bad circumstance all around.

  4. seb

    Tough circumstances.

    True, many of us don’t understand the limits of our body. At the same time, common sense, please! I sort of blame the radio station for not checking out the dangers of such a contest, I bet people assumed that if they were having a contest like this then it was probably a safe thing to push yourself to the limit. Like a hot dog eating contest… but the contestant was also negligent, I mean, I feel like there was a real lack of common sense.

  5. glorious

    The radio station and the DJs and everyone associated with this contest were irresponsible and stupid. They knew that there was a danger. They joked about it. They were also warned by people calling in that there was a danger. They were joking about the possibility of dying by saying the contestants had signed release forms. A certain amount of responsibility lies with the contestant but contests of this nature should not be allowed by management. I believe that if a contest was held for contestants to jump off a ten story building and the winner (whoever doesn’t die) would get $1,000,000 there would be people lining up. It’s true there are fools born every minute. But that does not make it OK to provide the opportunity to prove it.

  6. seb

    Yes, after reading your comment glorious I totally agree.

  7. Er yes well that was a pretty Strange thing to do..sorry!

  8. Now to be sensible. 6L of water will kill you. (That is 1 1/2 gallons for you Imperialists over there..) Interestingly, it might be the quickest and cheapest way to kill yourself. Could be good news for those of us who can’t get to Mexico!

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