Here Comes the Flood

I’ve got that Peter Gabriel song mentioned above on my mind right now.

This afternoon I was sitting in my computer room working when I hear my little bird Gobi in the other room making a racket. Gobi usually makes a racket anyway when I’m not in the room with him, but this was somehow different.

Then I heard the sound of a waterfall (literally) coming from that end of the house. I do not have any decorative waterfalls in my house… I ran to the kitchen – had I left the tap running in the kitchen sink with the drain plug in it? No, that’s not like me…but as I round the corner…there are the two kitchen sinks full to the brim and water flowing out of the sinks onto the floor creating quite a flood! The problem was that the washing machine out in the garage was draining, but there was apparently a backup in that line, which is common to the kitchen. The water had nowhere else to go but up through the kitchen pipes and up into the sinks. I literally cried “OH NO! NO!” as I scrambled for towels to staunch the flow of water which was headed rapidly to our cork flooring in the TV room (cork flooring does not like water on it, plus the floor is only a year old).

As logic kicked in, I ran to the garage and shut down the washing machine. Then I grabbed some buckets and started bailing out the sink. Whew! Bill came home from work and started moving furniture around to check for wet spots.The cork floor still got wet in a couple of spots, but a fan is blowing on them as I write this, so I think it will be OK since we caught it early. At least the torrent did not get through the rest of the house, it’s all cork!

This has not been a good week for me and it’s only Tuesday.

Yesterday at my chiropractor’s office, my brand new Brooks walking shoes were stolen. Now this flood today. I’m afraid because these things supposedly come in threes…oh, well, as long as no one is hurt I can handle it. Sometimes I think things like this happen so we can gauge our reactions to situations and see if we are progressing emotionally, like a reality check, so to speak. That way we can try to evaluate our actions and feelings to see if they were appropriate and where we may need spiritual or emotional improvement.

I am satisfied with the way I handled these two situations – as far as the stolen shoes, I prefer to think that an error was made, not a theft, as a pair of unclaimed shoes at the office looked very similar to mine. It feels much better to give that someone the benefit of the doubt than to harbor ill will towards them. Besides, even though the shoes weren’t cheap, they’re just shoes. And I’m OK with the way I handled the flood. Plus I was reminded what a good guy my plumber is, fitting my emergency in when he had plenty of other calls to finish.

There were three lessons reinforced:

1) Every cloud has a silver lining!

2) Never leave the house with an appliance running. I never do that so I was home to catch it. I don’t want to think about the problems we would have had if I had not been around to stop the water right away.

3) Pay attention when your pets make unusual noises! They may be trying to tell you something. Thanks, Gobi!!



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9 responses to “Here Comes the Flood

  1. seems wrong that it should come into the house…there should be outlet outside…do you have a little drain looking thing out there that is 4-6 inches in diametre and sticks up about 4 inches from the ground?
    If you do have one and its not working the blockage will be between it and the washing machine if the Grey water is going towards it.

  2. Yes we have all the goods. The plumber ran a snake through that pipe circuit and everything is flowing again where it’s supposed to go. The plumber also said there is probably a crack in the drainage pipe that goes into the wall from the washing machine which contributed to the problem. We’ll know more about this next week when he comes back. I am so happy to have a plumber I have known forever and can trust.
    Thanks for the advice!!

  3. Such a refreshingly positive attitude.

  4. Hey… look good as a redhead…

  5. I don;t have any pets but what about wild life outside if they make unusual noises? Sorry about the flood! YIKES!

  6. Yikes, that sucks on both counts. At least you have a positive outlook. That’ awesome!

  7. Candace

    Reminds me of the time I was staying with a German Shepard and she was whimpering and fussing all night. Finally I got up to check her, and we both met up in the arch of the door, just as a huge earthquake hit. We huddled there until it passed. She settled down after the quake. They really do know things we have no clue about sometimes!

  8. seb

    I’m glad everything turned out ok! Wow, if you hadn’t been home…

    Animals are so smart, it’s incredible!

    And it’s true, there usually is a silver lining. It’s a great thing to remind oneself.

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