Parrots – Video Test

Everybody’s doin’ it… not that, I mean posting videos.

So here is my first try at posting a video. This came from Leslie Gillis. These are Grey-Cheeked parakeets; and the one in the middle is a baby (you can tell by the black beak which is a sign of a juvenile Grey-Cheek). You may have guessed that the two birds on the end are the baby’s parents. This species was once plentiful (you couldn’t go into a pet store in the 80’s without seeing large pens of them for sale-they are very friendly and would climb right up the arms of any human bending into the pens). Alas, they are now a protected species; also wild parrots are no longer legally importable, so the only way to maintain the species here is through dedicated breeders  who are trying to build up their numbers. They are much in demand as pets, but very difficult to get because breeders want to expand their breeding stock; plus the birds are very difficult to breed – new babies are indeed a cause for celebration!



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5 responses to “Parrots – Video Test

  1. Aghhhhh! So parrots do go down….

    You could be right about the Obscure Art…..though it was water in the video 🙂

  2. seb

    I have one quick question: Would a parrot try and attack me while I sleep? It’s a great fear of mine…

    Very cool to see the video, didn’t know these guys were protected, how sad, especially since they were plentiful not long ago.

  3. We humans always seem to ruin a good thing… whether it be interpersonal relationships or parrot populations.

  4. Hey, it works! Good job!

  5. Pam

    Wonderful video. Does anyone know where I might find a grey cheek. My friend desperately wants one.

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