Nature Strikes Back

This NASA satellite image shows the Ayles Ice Shelf collapse, center and below the open water, on Aug. 13, 2005. Within days of breaking free and becoming an island, Ayles drifted about 30 miles before freezing into the sea ice seen here along top of photo.

relative location of Ayles Ice Shelf

It was reported by The Week magazine that a shelf of ice the size of Manhattan has broken away from its base on the northern coast of Canada (near the North Pole). The Ayles Ice Shelf, which measures approximately 9 miles long by 100 feet thick, is drifting toward the oil operations structures in the Beaufort Sea. This situation is believed to be caused by global warming (the greenhouse effect) attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. Right now the massive sheet is frozen in place by seasonal ice, but come summer, it is expected to begin drifting again and could become a hazard to the very shipping stations and oil rigs that help produce fossil fuels!

Isn’t that ironic?



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9 responses to “Nature Strikes Back

  1. Haha Brilliant!

    I do love stories like this, in the UK we’re experiencing 80mph storms at the moment. One thing the government is cracking down on is flights. They’re cracking down on holiday flights, but not on business flights. They’re doing the opposite – building a “business flights only” runway at London Stanstead.

    The construction yard got demolished by a few well placed branches, was highly amusing 🙂

  2. HA! What a comeback by nature!

  3. Candace

    Nature strikes back. Though I wonder how funny it will be when oil is spilling into the waters. Will it freeze? That would make clean up a little easier. I am more concerned with the wildlife and water in that area. You can bet they won’t pull the rigs out of there to protect the environment, or even the human lives working on the rig…

  4. yeah its a worry….one floated to New Zealand recently too

  5. seb

    Nature doesn’t like oil operations and it’s deciding to fight back…

  6. A similar ice shelf broke free from Antarctica a couple years ago. I think that climate change is becoming ever more obvious, even to the last hold outs. Maybe we’ll start doing something significant about it soon. I hope so.

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