Michael Richards Banned from Local Red Robin

There is a chain of restaurants called “Red Robin” that Bill and I like to frequent on weekends. I particularly like their Nacho Wraps and Whiskey River Chicken Wraps…but I digress.

This restaurant has about 250 locations, but I have only been to three. These restaurants have as a decorating trademark various pictures, photographs, and old movie posters. One of the pictures I saw in several of the locations was Michael Richards’ character Kramer (from the Seinfeld show for those who you who have been hibernating for the past 12 years). You may recall that Michael Richards got in a spot of trouble a month or two ago when he used the “N” word several times (as well as other racial slurs) in response to some black men talking during his standup comedy performance. Pundits predicted the end of Richard’s career. I thought what he did was inexcusable, but I really thought this would blow over as things in the entertainment industry usually do (as did the Mel Gibson debacle).

Apparently I was wrong. And I know this because…the last time we went to Red Robin the picture of Kramer was covered up with paper! In order not to leave a big blank spot on the wall, the picture was gift-wrapped in paper that had little dog paws on it. I guess the next step is to get a replacement picture and retire the old Kramer one.

Frankly I have no problem with the deletion of Kramer from the gallery. Michael Richards has a problem that he needs to deal with and demonstrate his worthiness of our attention again. Until then, I see no reason to glorify any of his past “accomplishments”. Okay, I understand that the character of Kramer is not a racist, it’s the actor at fault. Unfortunately the two are inseparable in most peoples’ minds.

I actually feel sorry for Michael Richards. I would not want the burden of carrying such angry feelings around inside of me. I hope he is able to lighten up his dark side.


Seinfeld quotes

Kramer: It’s a write off for them.

Jerry: Write it off what?

Kramer: They just write it off.

Jerry: You don’t even know what a write off is, do you?

Kramer: Do you?

Jerry: No, I don’t.

Kramer. Well they do, and they’re the ones writing it off.

Jerry: I wish I had the last 20 seconds of my life back.

Michael Richards with one of the few friends he has left…



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5 responses to “Michael Richards Banned from Local Red Robin

  1. I’m surprised he’s not pictured with a donkey.

  2. I heard he was banned from MLK day as well.

  3. I spose the word nigger has a different slant when it comes from a white man…….but it is actually a very common word in Music……I listen to a bit of hip hop so I am used to hearing it where as others aren’t…..so it would appear shocking.

    Micheal Richards is a Fruit Loop though

  4. seb

    Yeah, hard not to think of his crazy tirade when I see him in Seinfeld… Love that show too, it’s unfortunate and very sad.

  5. I’m not surprised. They don’t want to seem like they are still supporting him.

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