Something for the Ladies

Ladies, having a bad day? Let these mini-portraits of sassy women make your day. My friend Candace sent me these, and I found them hilarious. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Something for the Ladies

  1. I love the sassy redhead amazingly enough. This was a good morning chuckle.

  2. glorious

    Very cute. I don’t put icky things near my mouth either. 🙂

  3. only known Krusty about 3 years…I think he have have been captive at some stage of his past….He’s a cowboy though so I dont ask too many questions…
    We have a few big flocks flying around daily….I will see is I can get a couple of pics soon…

    Yeah hope the Poetic memes catch on…they put a new demention………thats the thing about poems…you can make up your own words if you like (hohohoic)……and throuw completely out of place words to (pungent)……could of been the beans though….i love beans

  4. Those are pretty funny…

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