Christmas Present Meme

I got tagged by Nicola last week for this meme. Makes me feel a little bit like Christmas is still lingering. I like it…

Three Things I Got for Christmas:

1. A rear backup camera for my Nissan Murano. I love my car, but it has a lot of blind spots which have now been addressed thanks to my wonderful hubby! Thoughtful gift!

2. A large guillotine paper cutter for crafts.

3. Decemberists CD – “5 Songs EP”

Three things I didn’t want:

Nothing I got I didn’t want. But here are some things I would not want –

1. flaming bag of dog poo on front porch

2. authentic Star Trek Kirk and Spock salt and pepper shakers

3. underwear autographed by Britney Spears (although obviously it would not have to be washed, thus preserving the valuable scrawl contained thereon)

I am tagging:



Leezer (believe it – you got tagged again!)


Les Quinn



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5 responses to “Christmas Present Meme

  1. Ooooh thank you for doing it – you are the only one who welcomed Christmas lingering 🙂 most of the others had packed it away!

    The camera sounds neat – wonder if it would help my parking?

  2. seb

    Haha, I will do this one! You wouldn’t want a flaming bag of dog poo on the front porch? Why? It sounds quite delightful…

  3. I can’t believe I got tagged twice in one day. Now I got two memes to deal with.

    So out of curiousity, how’s the Decemberists Cd? I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this group.

  4. Ha Ha….you tagged Les

  5. Ha ha she tagged Mr Fab – and I didnt dare !

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