Brotos at Large

One more parrot post before I go on to other topics…

Here are some darling shots of birds owned by people I know from the Brotogeris list. Some of us (including me) belong to Brotogeris Society International – we are dedicated to the conservation and promotion of the Brotogeris species (called “brotos” for short). I am actually running for one of the Director spots in the Society.

The birds you see above in the blog banner are also brotos. There are three Grey-Cheeked parakeets on the left, and three Orange-Chinned parakeets on the right (on of them is Gobi). The word “parakeet” is actually a term denoting a small parrot, not a budgie as some might think (although a budgie is also classified as a small parrot).

Anyway, the first little fellow is Brody. He is a Canary-Winged parakeet (remember, actually a species of small parrot) and very playful (photo by Moira Kelly). He’s been on this blog before (you may remember Brody from his encounter with the rubber ducky). Moira says Brody’s New Year’s resolution is to be more spoiled than ever – and that he’s off to a good start.

Next is Charlie, another bird like Brody. Talk about playful. This one loves his Lego building blocks!! Brotogeris is a species of birds that is extremely curious and intelligent, as Charlie demonstrates below. We need a fellow like this to update the infrastructure around here. He’ll work for peanuts (literally). Photo by Mary:

I look forward to many more photos of these two, which I will share with you.

Readers, if you have any amazing parrot photos you would like to share, email them to me at and I will try to feature them in future posts. Please include bird’s name and a short description of his or her personality or favorite activites. So that I may give photo credit please include at least your first name (and a blog link, if you like).



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6 responses to “Brotos at Large

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve been trying to think of something witty/worthwhile to say, so – after an hour or so of thinking – here it is.

    Any chance of getting a photo of Charlie with the lego man in it’s jaws? Could be amusing with a “Nooooooooooo!!!!” caption.

    Nope, just me then!

    Thanks again for your kind words! Your blog must be good if Manuel links to it 🙂

  2. seb

    I can’t get enough of the parrots! Haha, in the kleenex box, makes me think that he’s going on a journey and the box is some time travelling vehicle!

  3. Rhys – thanks for the compliments! Manuel is a good guy. If I can find a Lego man somewhere, I’ll try your idea!!

    Seb – I would love to see Rambo’s reaction to a parrot sibling. Who would get bitten first – the parrot or the dog?? Are you really thinking of getting a bird?

  4. seb

    No, I don’t think I’m going to get a bird. I’m having enough trouble taking care of myself 😦

    But it is up for future consideration once I’m better! I also really want a cat!

  5. Mike

    Hi, My wife and I had a grey cheek who lived to be 18 years old and passed in September of 2005. We have been unable to locate another. Could you suggest any breeders who may have any available. We would be willing to travel to the breeder to being a new grey cheek home with us. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

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