Parrotlover’s Post

I haven’t had an exclusively parrot post in awhile, so here goes!

There’s a wonderful parrot store a few miles from my house called Omar’s Exotic Birds where tame babies sit on clean perches, well-fed and watered and just waiting for you to pet them. Here were some of the denizens of Omar’s on a day I was out and about with my camera.

“Love me, pet me, take me home!”

The dearly departed: birds I have loved and lost

Peeper 1984 – 2004 Grey Cheeked Parakeet (small parrot). My most beloved pet who died of very old age.

Hansi 1978 – 2000 Mom’s Umbrella Cockatoo, died of unknown digestive causes.

Smoochy 2004 – 2005, Pacific Parrotlet, died of hepatitis (non-human kind)

Parrots who own me now:

Gizmo, 13 year-old Black-Headed Caique (with my Dad)

Ooops! Not a parrot…

Gobi, 6 month old Orange-Chinned Parakeet (actually a small parrot)

Birds – gotta love ’em. I do!



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9 responses to “Parrotlover’s Post

  1. A parrot between two slices of bread would be a funny pic 🙂

  2. I love the blue one – who could not take it home?

    I also love the plant trying to imitate our feathered friends!

  3. Candace

    Are you sure that one is not a parrot? I see those outside our window all the time, thought they were the ones making all the racket… No?
    BTW Cory sends his love!

  4. I might put krusty the big guy that comes to my back fence tommorrow…on my Les blog

  5. seb

    I can’t believe this, I used to be kinda fearful of parrots! Now I want one!

  6. They are all birds of paradise 😉 very cute one and all.

  7. Shaymus – Or a pic of a parrot standing in the oven. But I know my human bird friends would banish me from the club.

    Nicola – it is quite difficult to leave Omar’s without bringing another bird home!

    Candace – kisses to Cory!!!!

    Seb – Just another public service I offer…parrot desensitization. I think Manuel’s wife Jessica flunked out, though. Check out npanth’s site for some parrots he encountered on his vacation.

    Npanth – They are irresistible, aren’t they?

  8. seb

    Your site is totally helping change my fear of parrots into adoration!

  9. Candace

    How about a pic of my siamese cat asleep in a large kettle on the stove? Edible pets?

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