What a Day!

What an incredible day we had today. It was 81 degrees outside (27 degrees C). The sun was wonderfully bright, blue sky with not a single cloud in it. Global warning or fluke?? Again the trees are confused. They just finished dropping their leaves and now this temperature spike. I wonder what will happen to them now?

We had some awful winds the last few days (in our area I believe they were about 50 miles per hour, or 80.5 kph) and I think that blew most of the crap out of the air. However it did blow a lot of crap into the streets – bits of branches everywhere. Driving was a little like manuevering through an obstacle course the last few days. We were out with friends the other night and the wind blew our bodies physically right into the restaurant. I remember a little toddler giggling at how the wind blew him about while his mother looked on worriedly.

Unfortunately the wind also blew a portion of our fences to bits. We share parts of the fence with five different neighbors, so now I get to do the diplomatic money dance with two of them so that the replacement fence is fairly financed. A brick wall would do the trick permanently, but the cost is very high.

So I guess we can say that all traces of 2006 have now been blown away! (Or 2007 just blew in!)


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