Newfangled electronic objects

I LOVE electronic gadgets. I was in the electronics industry for many years and just love figuring out how things work (plus when I was a little kid, my parents had to keep radios and other devices out of my hands or I would quickly dismantle them). I also did some technical writing, so I’m comfortable with technical manuals- no matter how poorly written they are, I love to intuitively figure out the interface between human and machine.

Bill and I love our gadgets so much that our favorite phrase on a weekend is “let’s go buy something electronic” (code for “let’s go to Best Buy / Circuit City / Fry’s and browse around at the goodies”. No, we don’t always buy something).

Anyway, there is a dark side (probably several) to these amazing objects.

Case in point: Last week I was laying in bed reading and I kept hearing these little beeps every five minutes or so. I tried to echo-locate where the noise was coming from, but it happens that I can only hear that certain frequency with my left ear, so I had difficulty pinning it down. I assumed it was the smoke detector in the hallway. It was 2 in the a.m. and cold in the house, so I was not about to climb out of my warm nest and to get the ladder and investigate this, plus hubby was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him up (at 6’4″ he can change the batteries without a ladder).

So next morning, Bill says “I apologize for all the beeping last night. I left my cell phone on and the battery was low.” AAAaaarrrgghh! Damn newfangled electronic objects.

The following evening I heard a different set of beeps, plus every morning at 9:35 this faint alarm would go off somewhere in the bedroom. We tried for several days to locate the culprit, but could not. We finally found the damned thing under a pile of papers on Bill’s night stand – a cheap little clock keychain with a UCLA logo on it that Bill had forgotten about.

I propose that all electronic objects that announce themselves on a regular basis should be kept out of the bedroom and preferably left in the car or a vault someplace in the garage. No more midnight wonderings about the location of beeps! Even R2D2 wasn’t allowed to sleep with the humans!



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7 responses to “Newfangled electronic objects

  1. I have a couple of unruly gadgets that spout off at inapropriate times, too. The burden of being a gearhead, I guess 😉

  2. Hey the bird flew off peeps quick???

  3. Hey i would love to link. My site recognises when another site links me and i will link you in return. Thank you.

  4. Are you talking about the boy who could fly without a motor???

  5. Yeah, beeps at night are horrible. Even worse when you have no idea what they are…

  6. Candace

    We have multiple items that go off to alert Rick when a server is down (nopt just ours, but also 3 of our clients’). His cell phone alerts him every few minutes until they come up, our computer emails alert us as well, and until we had Cory we actually had an alarm whistle that would wake us – and why does this never happen when everyone is awake???

  7. Melanie Shapiro

    I heard an odd sound the other night too. I’d been watching a tv show in the bedroom and thought I’d been picking up interference on the cable…could not figure out where in the bedroom it was coming from. Finally put my ear to the door of my husband’s bathroom and V’wella! The new fangled razor blade with a battery for that extra smooth shave had been left on and put back in its ceramic toothbrush holder! An Energizer I’m sure!

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