I gave my cousin Ron a digital camera and this is one of the first photos he took with it. Personally I think it’s photojournalistic material and award-worthy (I’m not biased or anything!).

He took this picture of his friend Harold who is essentially homeless, but lives in this trailer which Ron helped him buy. I love this photo because of the depth of field – everything is in focus – the man, his home, his dogs, and his environment. It’s a portrait of someone poor who still reigns over his own kingdom.

Harold says his crusade is to bring the churches up on charges of racketeering and crimes against humanity, including neglecting the poor and the needy.



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7 responses to “Home

  1. Beautiful photograph

    A very happy new year to you and yours X

  2. I would get in it and drive to a nicer place. But that is perhaps too rational.

  3. Nicola – Thanks and the same to you and your family as well!!

    Shaymus – I’m glad you brought that up. He can’t go anywhere else because a nice man lets him park his trailer in that spot for free. If he goes anywhere, he needs permission from the landowner and would have to pay some kind of fee for parking. Unfortunately he doesn’t have money for rent or parking and is disabled.

  4. I agree. Powerful picture.

  5. I like the picture very much. It has very good emotion and setting.

  6. seb

    That is a beautiful picture, sad in a certain way, because he seems so isolated. But I can imagine that photo encapsulating his world, his dogs, his home, the man, I think it is very interesting because of that. I think lots of things when I see an image like that, hard to put everything in words of course!

  7. A wonderful photo. I came to you via MsDemmie’s WP space. x

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