An Unusual Christmas

This was an unusually happy Christmas for me this year.

I have very few family members in my area. So holidays are usually spent with my husband, mother and close friends, which is wonderful. I am not a huge advocate of big family gatherings anyway, I believe family is where you find it, and I have so many great friends that I consider family, and are indeed, closer to me than my blood family. Here’s an example: I have a cousin who moved here from Germany some years ago that lives just 5 miles from me and I hadn’t seen him in 5 years until he threw a Christmas party last week. Are we estranged? No. My cousin is great! It’s just how things work in our family (It doesn’t help that I never got to see this particular cousin very much when he lived in Germany, so a strong relationship was not forged). However, this year even that cousin threw us a wonderful Christmas dinner party. Six of us with common blood in one house – extraordinary indeed!

Anyway, this year, my aunt Margaret came to visit from Pennsylvania, and my cousin Ed came from New York. This aunt was like a second mom to me, we lived in the same New York town, and her sons (my cousins Ron and Ed) were just like brothers to me. After I moved at age 14 to California in 1974, we naturally kept in touch, but after awhile, contact kind of drops off a bit. It’s natural. I see Margaret and Ron occasionally, but never Ed.

So when I saw my cousin Ed for the first time in 20+ years, I was floored. It’s amazing how people retain characteristics their whole lives which come instantly alive for you when you see them again. My cousin has the same posture, voice, sense of humor, and general demeanor he had when we were kids. It felt like we had just picked up where we left off; like we had just seen each other yesterday.

Ron, Ed and me at the Golden Arches in 1977…

Ron and me now…

Ed and me now…

Ed’s brother Ron also threw a party and we sat around and talked about things we did together as kids. I felt like I really belonged there, like time had thrown us together in the same place basically the way we were years before, same on the inside, different on the outside.



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7 responses to “An Unusual Christmas

  1. It’s like you haven’t aged at all. Do you guys have special mirrors in your attics? 🙂

  2. seb

    How nice to have family in town! That’s the best part about the holidays for me, being with family. I wish I could see my grandparents, they are in France. It’s been a long time, but neither they nor I can travel. I hope I get to see them soon!

  3. Can you remember how much a big mac cost in 1977?

  4. Fab – Hey thanks for the compliments! My head just got so big I can’t fit through the front door.

    Seb – I know what you mean about distant relatives – most of mine live in Germany.

    Shaymus – I looked this up and couldn’t find any information on that. I would estimate maybe 80 to 90 cents??

  5. Looks like a fun time!

  6. Richard

    I seem to recall a song that said you got a hamburger, fries and a coke and change back from your Dollar.

  7. Richard – yeah, that was back in the Stone Age when we were young and sassy…

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