Christmas Greetings

We’re off to our traditional Benihana Christmas Eve dinner. It looks like we’ll fill an entire cook top table tonight, 8 or 9 people are going with us. Bill and I, and my Mom started this tradition 10 years ago, then we started inviting our friend Dave and other people who had nothing to do on Christmas Eve. Now Sheila, Dave’s wife, is part of the regular club. We get different combos of friends every year so the conversation is new and people get to meet new people.

Then it’s off to my Mom’s house for German Christmas! We sit nice and cozy in front of the fireplace and reminisce. She does her house up very festively with wreaths, garlands, little villages, a Nativity scene, and a beautifully decorated tree. We pig out on lots of cookies, cake, booze, and then open presents. Usually we’re so full after Benihana that it takes just a little while for us to break into the cookies. But once we start…watch out!

Instead of putting proper names on our gift tags, we make up goofy ones that fit the recipient or giver. Last year Bill gave Dave a gift marked “To Dave, From Caucasian Dance Sensation”. Or I’ll create a tag that says “To Snoreman, From the Ball & Chain” (yes, from me to Bill).

After a few belts, Dave and Sheila like to sit on the couch and snuggle and giggle; the rest of us simply eat more cookies.

Gobi helps me wrap gifts…

Here are some funnies to help you relax after all the Christmas obligations have been met!



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5 responses to “Christmas Greetings

  1. Merry Christmas, my friend!

  2. Gobi is so cute!

    Merry Christmas! Stay warm and safe.

  3. that bird looks like it has a sense of humor to me.

  4. seb

    Wonderful picture of Gobi!! Hehe, can’t get enough of these beautiful parrots! Hope you had a nice relaxing day (and got tons of cool presents too….).

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