Orange and Yellow

With this weird hot weather we’ve had, there have been some confused trees out there. It took a long while for their lush green leaves to turn colors; now that they have, they’ve been holding on to their colorful leaves like tight-fisted little misers. Finally, they have begun to fall. Yes, we actually have autumn and winter in Southern California. It actually gets quite chilly at night, sometimes into the 40’s.

Me in our California backyard

I lived in the New York City area until I was 13. One thing I can say about that area is that in the summer it’s very muggy and it stays muggy all through the night. I can remember my pillow being soaked with sweat in the summer because opening the windows just didn’t do anything. Few houses had air conditioning in my old neighborhood, so mostly we all survived the summer with fans running, at least that created an air current, though not a cool one. And then there were the winters. Dry, cold air that cracked your fingers and lips was common. Snowsuits, boots, hats and mittens were necessities. When you went inside, the hot, dry air from the radiators would make your skin crack and bleed even more.

Me and Mom in New York; our house in the winter – got shovel?

Where am I going with all this? Well, I would not move back east for any amount of money. We have warm days and cool nights here that promote sleep – open windows on a summer night provide cool breezes. Winter is not an exercise in black ice avoidance when you drive or falling on your ass when you slip on ice.

Some people put California down (“too many weirdoes”; “too many liberals”; “too much traffic” etc.) but we are glad people think that way – then they won’t move here because of the weather!



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6 responses to “Orange and Yellow

  1. Love the colour of the leaves……….

  2. I like California. The folks there make those of us in Florida look normal 🙂

  3. I love the fact that there are “too many liberals” here. I’m just not sure how the whole “ban gay marriage” thing went through.

  4. It’s been freezing up north in Sacramento. Nights have dropped below 30. Brrrrr…

  5. seb

    Hey, I’m totally with you on this, I’d like to live in one of two places, either Phoenix or possibly LA. LA because the art is so cool there! Weather is so great out here, lived in Chicago a good long while, and it’s a wonderful city, my favorite actually, but it just gets too cold in the winter and too nasty in the summer!

  6. Hi Sonja!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful pics and story about you!

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